Amica offer simple solutions paired with advanced user friendly technology to assist a busy family lifestyle. Purchasing a kitchen appliance from Amica guarantees your appliance is of the best quality, durability and design. Everything Amica manufacture is energy efficient and safety certified. The appliances are packed full of features and functions to help you in the busiest of times.

Amica Electric Cookers

Electric Cookers

If you want to eliminate the hassle of having a separate hob and built in oven in your kitchen then an electric freestanding cooker is the perfect solution. Practical and dependable solid hob plates on the top are accompanied by a large electric oven cavity below for an ‘all-in-one’ answer to your daily cooking needs. We have designed options in two colours for you to choose from and provided models with either one or two cooking cavities so that you can choose the perfect model for your home.

Amica Gas Cookers

Gas Cookers

Looking to cook with gas? It is responsive and economical so it is no wonder that professional cooks more often that not choose this style of cooking for their own kitchens. From slimline for smaller kitchens to the wider models and double cooking cavity options there is a size to suit everyone. We have made them low maintenance to look after too with an enamel finish on the interior that is easy to clean and pan supports that can be cleaned quickly in the dishwasher.

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