Ice King

Iceking was launched in 1995 by brothers Adrian and Robert Gillman, both trained refrigeration engineers, who believed there was a need for a different approach to manufacturing and retailing cooling products. With energy prices rising, and saving the environment a keen driving force, Adrain and Robert set out to product appliances which were no only functional and efficient but which also reduced the carbon footprint - after many years the IceKing range was born

Since then the company has never looked back, increasing the different sizes of refrigeration products, improving energy efficiency and ensuring there was always a comprehensiveness back op service to give the customers peace of mind.

IceKing Freezer


Our range of energy efficient chest freezers come in a variety of sizes to suit almost ever home, business and pocket. These appliances offer the ideal solution for storing everything from bulky buys and garden harvests to home backing, as well as economically keeping large quantities of food stored and safe.

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Our Comprehensive range of upright refrigeration appliances comes from years of market research to create a wide range of products to suit every lifestyle and pocket. Our upright fridges are ideal for the larger family the likes to use lots of fresh ingredients. With their mix of strong glass shelves, that can hold a feast of fresh product, and their big door shelving that can hold a lot of extra milk, bottles of juice and dairy products.

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IceKing Fridge Freezer

Fridge Freezers

Our wide range of fridge freezers are second to none. With their stylish good looks and complete functionality it's no wonder that these have become IceKings biggest sellers. Highly energy efficient across the complete range, these appliances are ideal for most households.

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