Since the moment Carl Neff created his first oven in 1877, NEFF has always had a pure passion for cooking.


NEFF believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to eat, meet and be creative with food. That’s why NEFF provides all the innovative products you could need to create in the kitchen. From disappearing oven doors that get you closer to your food, to revolutions in steam cooking. Whatever you’re creating, NEFF are on hand




Every oven for every cooking style              

Contemporary and precise, or homely and rustic? Keen or gourmet? However you love to cook, NEFF has an oven for you. Intuitive, easy to use features include the unique Slide&Hide® disappearing door that gets you closer to your cooking. Pyrolytic cleaning delivers a spotless oven in minutes. While CircoTherm® technology lets you cook multiple dishes at once, without flavours mingling.


                                                                                                                Neff J1GCC0AN0B, Built-under double oven               Neff B1ACE4HN0B, Built-in oven              Neff U1ACE2HN0B, Built-in double oven       

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